• Opening Time : 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Director Message


The entire family is affected by addiction, not just the addict. Our treatment method
consequently includes family education and counselling, which not only affects the lives of
those receiving therapy but also many more as a result of the ripple effect. We strive to
make high-quality treatment available to everyone because we recognize that addiction has
no bounds and may afflict anybody, regardless of their age, sex, education, or background.
What is the price of preserving a human life, after all? The benefits of switching from an
addict’s life to one in recovery are tremendous and well worth the effort. A new benchmark
in the healthcare sector is being set by Da Haq Awaz Anti Drugs Social Welfare Organization.
We make every effort to start and assist our members’ journey of recovery for life. Come and
have a look for yourself or your loved ones, please. You won’t be dissatisfied. I am
appreciative of everyone’s help throughout this incredible adventure. I also appreciate the
helpful guidance from our board of trustees and the hard graft of our dedicated employees.