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Counseling And Therapy


Da Haq Awaz provides multi therapies and conducts counseling sessions and classes to glow interpersonal abilities, self-reputation and capacity to trade self-defeating behavior of patients. 
The terms “counseling” and “psychotherapy” are regularly used interchangeably, but there's a mild difference. Counselling generally refers to quick-time period consultation at the same time as psychotherapy usually refers to longer-time period remedy.  Counselling usually deals with gift troubles which might be effortlessly resolved to the conscious degree while psychotherapy intensively and significantly examines someone’s mental history.  In other words, counseling is extra concerned with practical or immediate problems and consequences at the same time as psychotherapy is greater centered on assisting someone to apprehend his/her existence in a profound and reflective manner.  The counseling commonly allows a patron method effective emotions inclusive of grief or anger, address instantaneous reasons of pressure and tension, clarify values and discover options when making critical non-public or professional selections, control conflicts inside relationships, increase higher interpersonal and communique competencies, or deliberately change unproductive mind and behaviors.

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